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MESSAGING: Transform Your Life & Create The Change You Want - See Amazing Results in 8 Weeks or Less!   This Will Change Everything For You. Reserve Your Seat   Power = Stare Control Purpose = Outcome Focused Leadership = Always Lead Yourself & Others Towards The Achievement Of The Outcome Influence = PAIN POINTS: Want things to Change - But Don't know how:

  1. Feel Stuck in the Way Life Is, In Some Areas of Life - Can't Change Your Life and Get the Results You Really Want.
  2. Feel Stuck in the Way You Are, In Some Areas and Situations - Can't Change Yourself and Become The Kind Of Person You Really Want To Be.


Tom Essence · February 11, 2022

Get The Results You Really Want.

Live With Power, Passion And Purpose.

Achieve The Success You Dream Of.

Make An Impact In The World.

Become Your Best Self.

Create Your Best Life.

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Program Structure >>> Transform Your Life - Become Your Best Self, Create Your Best Life
WEEK 1 > Tranfluence - Inner World / Outer World / Inner World Core || Power, Power Self, Power Life || Powering Up (Breathing Life) || Power Actions/Showing Up || Change How You See Yourself, Others, The World, Life || Inner World Tranfluence ||
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YOUR INNER WORLD > We are here to Transform Your Life, to Change Your World. So I want to start by talking about the Most Important and Most Powerful thing in Your World…Your Inner World. || Your Inner World is where you See what you See, Hear what you Hear, Think what you Think, and Feel what you Feel. It is Where you Choose what to Say and How to Say it. Where you Choose what to Do, and How to Do it. > It is the Most Important & Powerful thing in Your World! It can Help You See the right things the right way, Hear the right things the right way, Think the right things the right way, and Feel the right things the right way. And If and When it does – It can Help You Make the right Decisions. It can Help You Say & Do the right things the right way, and Get the Results you Really Want. Anytime, Anywhere, in any Area of Your Life, and in Any Situation. Your Inner World Holds ALL the Keys to Your Kingdom! The Keys to the Life that you Really Want to Have! The Keys to the Kind of Person that You Really Want to Be! Your Inner World is the One thing that Makes You, or Breaks You. The One thing that Helps You Achieve All that You Want – or, Prevent it From You. || Take a moment and let it sink in properly – This. Is. Mind. Blowing! || To Transform Your Life – You Must First Transform Your Inner World. >> Change Your Inner World and You Will Change Your Life. -> Change it Fast and You Will Change Your Life Fast! -> Change it More, and You Will Change Your Life More! >>> And soon, as we get deeper into the training program, you will start learning how Change it All!
POWER MOVES >> The way you use the Power Map is the most important factor in your journey. It’s not about you simply moving through the program’s key components, elements, and missions. It is the WAY you move through them that determine the progress you will make, and the results you will get. There are 2 things that can make or break your personal success in the program. One is the program itself, and everything that it will provide you. The other is You, and what you choose to do with all that the program provides. If we give our 100% + and You give your 100% = You’ll get 100% out of it. But, if we will not give our 100% to you, and will not provide you the guidance, training and support that will produce powerful results – you will fail. And, if you will not give your 100%, will not follow our guidance 100%, will not do the training 100% – you will fail. > You and us have the same goal here – your success! The only way we can achieve this for you is by working together. To get you the fast & powerful results that you want, you and us both have to give our 100%. The Power Map will show you how to make Power Moves, and when giving it your 100%, these Power Moves will Bring more Power to you & to your life. It will create an Exponential Power Growth = the level of transformation in your life will be continuously accelerating. As you make Power Moves, your power will grow = your 100% will grow, and you will bring even more power into your next Power Move, so you will get even more out of it. And so on, a rolling snowball effect – growing bigger and bigger as it keeps moving forward.
INNER WORLD TRANFLUENCE – Creating a Massive Power Pull – Powering Up our Power Self & Power Life Visions (POWER UP SELF & LIFE VISIONS – not just what you want to happen, more important: Realizing Your True Core Self & Life – Your Power Self & Power Life MUST Be the Reality in Your Inner World, NOT A DREAM/Wish/Hope in Your Inner World!!! — People are used to think of a journey as moving from one place to another – from point A to point B. The Journey of Creation is moving from one place to the same place – from point A to point A. We are Creating FROM the Reality of Inner world. The Reality we experience in our Inner World Creates the Reality in our Life. The Journey of Creating our Life Leads from Point A in our Inner World, to Point A in our Life. Our Life as a whole, what people refer to as their Reality, is a matching image of our Inner World Reality. If your Life Now is Point A, and what you really want is Point B – You CANNOT Create Point B in your Life while being at Point A in your Inner World. This is IMPOSSIBLE. You have to SHIFT your INNER World to Point B – Point B MUST become your Inner World Reality. Reality! You have to Bring the New Reality to Life, you have to Power it Up. It MUST become a Fully Alive & PowerFull Reality in Your Inner World – NOW at this moment, no if, when, or but. And it MUST be Strong, Permanent & Unshakable – It MUST Stay Fully Alive & PowerFull. And then, your Inner World New Reality will Create Your Life in its Image – The Reality you call Your Life will become a Matching Image of Your Inner World New Reality – Your Life will SHIFT to Reflect & Match the SHIFT you made in your Inner World! >> [1] Clearing Room [2] Power Vision Movie Screening Room – Powering Up Your New Inner World REALITY – the way you see Yourself/Others/Your World/Your Life & the way you feel about it (must feel fantastic) [3] Power Shift Movie Screening Room – Playing a Scene from your life where the way you saw Yourself/Others/Your World/Your Life in this situation/scenario, prevented you from bringing your A game, or even led you to sit it out & prevented you from even trying. Now you have to Rewrite that Scene – Rewrite Your Character (Power Self), Rewrite the Way you Show Up (Energy, Attitude, Fearless, Self Confident/Assured – You Show Up Powerfully to Make it Happen) ||| – held you back in the past, are showing up in life True to your Power Self & Power Life Vision – Be Real & Pay Attention – if you sense any fears/doubts/resistance, play [(a) Check Tony Robbins process with the snake phobia, and adjust the Tranfluence as needed (b) check Renegade Hypnotist and Adjust the Tranfluenc e as needed]. |||. (‘POWER RUTINE – CREATE A POWER HABBIT’) “POWER VISION and POWER SHIFT [** Recognizing that Resisting/Not Letting Your Power Self Lead you to Your Power Life = all the Pain, Direct & Ripple (explain “pain” in all its forms & implications). AND – Stop Resisting/Letting your Power Self Lead you Fearlessly to your Power Visions = All the Pleasure, Direct & Ripple (explain “pleasure” forms & implications) **] Tranfluence” (similar to day dreaming) 3 Times Daily
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[X change some or drop it all] Changing The Way You See Yourself & Your Journey In Life > [1] Your Quest to Becoming Your Best Self, [2] Your Quest to Creating Your Best Life, [3] Your Deep Desire, since You Arrived to This World – For Guides, Mentors, and Leaders who will Hold Your Hand, Show You the Way, and Help You Step by Step to Become the Person You Really Want to Be, to Achieve the Results you Really Want to Get, and to Create the Life You Really Want to Have [4] And the Actual Reality in Your Life – Average Good People who Live Average Life, Even when having Good Intensions, Cannot Show You The Way to Greatness. The Cannot Give You What You Really Want. They Can Only Give You What they Have. The Cannot Lead You To Where You Want to Be. They Can Only Lead You To Where They Are. Only Great People who Live Great Life Can Lead You to The Greatness You Really Want. >>> The Lack of Greatness in people’s Life is Not for Lack of Desire, Not for Lack of Capability, and Not for Lack of Trying. It is for Lack of Guidance. When You Try to Find Your Way to the Great Oasis, through an Unfamiliar Territory, Without a Guide that Knows the Way, What are the Chances of you finding your way? What are the Chances of you getting lost? – And if you choose to follow the only people around who attempt to guide you, who are lost as well, what are the chances you will now find your way? What are the chances you will keep wandering around, still lost? The Blindfolded is Guiding the Blindfolded… This is Ridiculous… >>> Now here is what’s Really Important Now. > If you lose your way and feel confused, overwhelmed, or stuck, don’t beat yourself up. it’s not your fault. If you lose your Care, Your Patience, Your Temper – and Behave in a way that hurt others, even those you truly love, don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault. If you lose your faith and confidence, and even feel like giving up, don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault. As long as Your True Desire is to Be Better & Do Better – It is Not Your Fault! >>>. So What Now? There are 2 Things You Must Do Now, Whole Heartedly, If You Want to Change it All, and Change it Fast. and That Leads Us to Your Next Mission. Copy
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Week 2 > How We Create >>> Inner World Alignment + Breathing Life & Powering Up The 5 Powers of Creation (Creating a New Reality in our Inner World, Bringing it to Life with a Multitude of Constant & Consistent Repetitions Until the New Reality is Anchored So Strong and Unshakable that it becomes Our Firm and Only Reality) + A Multitude Constant & Consistent Power Actions that are Consistent with the New Reality( we Created in Our Inner World = If we Do this Right, the Outer World will Shift to Match & Reflect our Inner World New Reality
Week 3 > Turning On Passion - Purpose Driven Life
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Week 4 > Power Interaction - Bonding 2 Inner Worlds - Creating Intimacy, Trust & Great Time Together - Power Questions - Tonality - Journey In the other person's inner world (Be a Welcomed Guest not an Annoying Pest)
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Tranfluencing The World Challenge >> Starting 2nd Week of Core and Continue through the Program & Membership || Milestone Achievements with Badge, Recognition & Celebration at Each Milestone: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, … (No Rewards to Avoid FTC Disclosure) || Create an Inspiring Page with Short Video for the Challenge: Similar Message as for the Team Support Program, “Make a Real Difference”, etc. || Use GamiPress Referrals (& maybe Leaderboard) For Power Invite Links & Points Tracking || Who is Up to The Challenge!? – Power Invite People to the Free Seminar/Webinar || This is a Voluntary Challenge – Only for those who Recognize the Importance of Providing the Opportunity to So Many People Out There Who Silently Begging for Change, For Better Results, For Greater Success & Want to help || The Challenge Page Will Inspire Members to Participate & Students who Want to Participate will Fill and Submit a Form In-Class, choosing Where & How they want to place Power Invites: Select From a List of Event Listings Platforms & Sites or Add Additional Places, Text/Phone/In-Person Power Invite Friends/Family/Colleges/Club/Community/etc (Start a List of Names in Class), Social Media, etc, or Add other Ways & Channels You Want + Statements they have to Accept (Similar to the Form they filled as a Condition to Enter the Membership & Core Program) through checking boxes, Radio Buttons, and/or Scale Buttons and Accepting/Declaring things like “I want to help”, “I’m Excited to participate and make a real difference”, & then “I’m All In” Submit Button || Copy
Week 5 > Habitual Automatic Response Programs - Change those that are Not Producing the Desired Outcome - Build & Anchor by Repetitive Practice New Power Auto Responses - Power Action - Closing the Gap - Taking Power Back
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[X – Maybe Not, too abstract] [Min 00:56.00 – 05:50.00] Anchoring Core State & Frame + Shifting Away From the Shadows By Changing Habits || Changing Your Focus & Letting go of FEARS, Stress, Frustration, Anger, Feeling Unable, Feeling Stuck etc – these Feelings are Caused by Powers You Shifted and Anchored Away from Your Core, and these Powers are Pulling You into an Unpleasant Undesired Shadow Inner World, and Holding you there, While Your True Desires and Dreams are Pulling You To The Core – This is what’s Creating All the Pain & Conflicts in your life, and “Holding You Back” from Being the Kind of Person you really want, and Living your Dreams || But this is just a trick the Shadow World is Playing on you – The Shadow world don’t really have the Power to Hold You There – It’s only Power is to Convince you that this is your Reality & that’s how it Holds You There. It is an Invisible Cage you are Stuck in, made of a Web of False Ideas & Believes that are like a Virus, Spreading from one infected person to another, from Parents to their Children, From teachers to Their Students – But this Invisible Cage has No Actual Real Power to Keep You There – the Doo is Always open, and You Can Just Get Up & Leave || {{?{The Tranfluence Process, Trainings & Platform are All Designed to do 2 major things: [1] Align You With Your Core, Anchor you to it, Power It Up & Increase it’s Pull Power [2] DeAnchor & release you from the false Ideas, Perceptions & beliefs that Hold You Back}?}}. > [Community – chank_level_2] – Copy
Week 6 > Review & ReAnchoring of weeks 1-5 ||
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Week 7 > Environment, Power Teams & The MVP Factor - Part 1
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Week 8 > Environment, Power Teams & The MVP Factor - Part 2
We Created this Platform for You, you, you, and you… and for all the great people out there with big dreams but no one to Lead the way and show them how to turn these big dreams into an Exciting, Empowering, Purposeful & Rewarding Reality. Share my past pain and straggles and how it pains me to see so many people going through so much pain and straggle while we can change it all for them, and change it fast. Many of these great people are your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, club members, community members… They are all around you and silently yearning for guidance, for support, for someone who can answers their questions and show them the way. [Rewrite a heart felt touching emotional copy calling them to want to help – direct them to a Form with an Inspiring List (sales copy) of ways they can help + text box under each item where they can elaborate or add how specifically they can help (through contacts, access to people and resources, access to media, etc.) – then, check “I’m Excited to Join an Elite Team that is Leading the Change, then “I’m All In” Submit Button – I need to figure out which help items better handled with a Phone Call (Members will book a call time & Prepare a Clear Power Action Plan for the Call, prior to the Call), and which items are self directed Like Power Invites (with Landing Page + Inspiring Video Instructions + List of Invite Channels + Encourage them to think of additional channels and Add them to the List + Copy/Paste Power Invite Text) >> posting Power Invites >>> [Min 08:34.00 – End] Why We Created The Tranfluence Platform, The Direct and Indirect Reasons for Bringing Everyone Into the Platform, Get them on Your Team, Get them on Your Circle, to Align with the Core, to Head in the same Direction, to Have Great Relationships, to Be Happy Together, to Live Your Best Life, to have a great meaningful and rewarding journey together. The Tranfluence Platform is The Game Changer! Copy 1 Element
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Relationship Zone & Power Actions - Tools:
Tranfluence Meditation & Process
Membership & Programs Structure: - Levels, Cost/Benefit
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