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Tranfluence - Leadership & Influence (Free For Team Support - Excluding the Business Part of the Program) - $900/mo Learn N Earn (Team Leader - Business Training)

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  1. Messaging
    4 Elements
  2. Program Structure - Team Support & Team Leader

    Team Support = team leader assistants:
  3. Keep members only in sub groups they need:
  4. Training Program for Team Leaders & Assistants:
  5. Tranfluence - becoming a trusted Leader:
  6. Program Structure - Team Leader Business Training
    $900- Team Leader Quick Start Offer (right from the beginning, parallel to Taking the Core (no high ticket)
    10 Elements
  7. Learn N Earn Businesses Learn to run a business:
  8. Level 6 - Team Leader:
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It’s a Must for Anyone who wants to be successful at ethically Influencing & Leading others towards achieving the outcome they really want & improving their lives – Lead your Children, Lead your Family members, Lead your Friends, Lead your Clients, Lead your Community, etc

Tom Essence January 28, 2022
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