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Power = State & Frame Control

Purpose = Outcome Focused Leadership = Always Lead/Influence Yourself & Others Towards The Achievement Of The Mutually Desired Outcome

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Want things to Change - But Don't know how:

  1. Feel Stuck in the Way Life Is, In Some Areas of Life - Can't Change Your Life and Get the Results You Really Want.
  2. Feel Stuck in the Way You Are, In Some Areas and Situations - Can't Change Yourself and Become The Kind Of Person You Really Want To Be.


Tom Essence · January 19, 2022

Get The Results You Really Want.

Live With Power, Passion And Purpose.

Achieve The Success You Dream Of.

Make An Impact In The World.

Become Your Best Self.

Create Your Best Life.

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Program Structure >>> Transform Your Life - Become Your Best Self, Create Your Best Life

WEEK 1 > Tranfluence - Inner World VS Outer World || Shifting Inner World Towards Core || Change How You See Yourself, Others, The World, Life
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