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Getting What You Really Want – It’s All About Power & Influence

Tom Essence February 8, 2022
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Getting What You Really Want - It's All About Power & Influence

POWER >> What is Power and Why are we Talking about it here? – Explain [1] “Power”, “PowerFull”, “PowerLess” [2] The Scale of Power > Positive Polarity between “PowerLess” (0) and “PowerFULL”(100) & Negative Polarity between “PowerLess” (0) and “PowerFOOL” (-100) [3] How our “Personal Power” Level on the Scale effecting Us – Directly & Ripples – Gives Us the Power to Create or Destroy [4] How Our “Personal Power” Level affect Every Area & Situation in Our Lives > the Power there is In Any Area and Situation in Our Lives = The Power We Personally Give It [5] Now that we Understand why it is so important, here’s the Great News – Among other important things, the Tranfluence Program & Membership will also Teach & Train you [A] how to Power Up Your Personal Power, get more and more PowerFull, and Become your Dream Self – The Kind of Person you Really want to be [B] How to Power Up every Area of your Life and Create Your Dream Life – The kind of Life you Really want to have