Thrive In 5

Thrive In 5:
  • 5 Powers of CREATION (Destiny)
  • 5 Steps of Creation: Define, Design, Create, Review, Repeat
  • 5 Areas of Focus: Personal Power, Environment, MVP/Value, Relationships, Work/Business
  • 5 People in your Thrive Circle in each area
  • Define = Define the Present + the Desired Future for both Yourself & Your Life - in any Area and Situation you want to work on!
  • Design = Design the Strategy to Achieve the Desired Future for both Yourself & Your Life!
The 5 Powers of CREATION:
  1. Will (Spirit/Desire) Power
  2. Mental (Mind/Perception) Power
  3. Emotional Power
  4. Physical Power
  5. Action Power
These 5 Powers determine everything in your life. Only by mastering these powers can you master your life. The way you Show Up with these 5 Powers to each of the 5 Areas of Focus in your life, will determine:
  1. The results you will get
  2. The experience you will have
  3. How you will affect others
Becoming better at Controlling, Developing, and Increasing these 5 Powers is the key to the life you dream of. The 5 Steps of Creation are the Process you go through (everyone goes through these 5 steps of creation, only often unconscious of it and poorly) in creating anything in your life. Becoming better at understanding and mastering this process will allow you to CREATE the OUTCOMES you really want in your life. So 3 Master Keys to Life Mastery:
  1. The 5 Powers of CREATION
  2. The 5 Steps of Creation
  3. The 5 Areas of Focus
Tom Essence · January 27, 2021

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