Wednesday @ 7pm EST
The One Thing That That Will Make You A Hero
Invite Others >
  1. Create short videos (like youtube adds) that I will use to invite people to the Event (or, Free Workshop – prerecorded webinar/presentation).
  2. Post it here on this invitation landing page.
  3. Have the video excite people about the event (or Workshop – prerecorded).  Build the event’s value very high – not as the low price/free, but how it can change their lives.  Then, direct them to click and reserve their seat.
  4. The click will take them to checkout the free even/workshop with only First Name, Last Name & Email.
  5. The ThankYou Page will have a short inspiring video that will congrats them, welcome them, and will direct them to click the ‘ GO’ button to access the Workshop (if prerecorded), or access some pre-event material, or anything that will compel them to click that button rather than close the page.
  6. Clicking that button will submit a form.  This for has hidden fields: Use ID, User Role, Team Leader Name (Default Value )